Surface Treatment Division

Our company is involved in special surface treatment activities as well.  In addition to painting houses, offices and public buildings, we undertake the following special tasks:

Concrete Element Manufacturing Division

Our 2000 m2 double-aisle hall is with bridge crane, where we produce a number of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures: stairs, beams, pylons, wall panels, retaining walls, slabs, fence posts, well rings and custom-made reinforced concrete structures.
We also undertake custom design, production planning, delivery and assembling.
Our quality management system is the guarantee for the reliability of our products.

Metalworking Division

Our metal works cover the manufacturing and maintenance of building structures as well as in-house locksmith works. We are equipped for the machining of all kinds of metal (cutting, turning, milling, welding, bending), manufacturing of various metal structures (i.e. fences, gates, barriers, safety grids, metal stairs, car superstructures, metal shipping containers, sheet metal tanks), metal structures for buildings, halls and greenhouses.

Architectural Division

The activity of our architect team covers two areas. On the one hand, we undertake the construction, investment, renovation and maintenance tasks of Paks City and its surroundings - based on the orders received from the local government as well as from individuals. Our references are including public institutions, apartments, private houses, office buildings, department stores, garages. We undertake the complete implementation from the foundation up to the roof while providing technical inspection and administration.


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